Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Role Of Students In Nation Bulding

Today i write a short but very useful articles or essay on youth.Students play a very important role in very that is why i thought i write a short essay or articles for student.
 The Role of Students In Nation Building

A nation does not live by its big buildings, dams or factories. A nation can live it of its people. There is a proverb that child is the fathers of man. Who is this child? He is generally a school or collage student. So his constructive role is so important that he look like a serious father managing his household. Naturally a student of today is a responsible citizen of tomorrow. So it is easily intelligible that a student community taken together builds a nation. Take the case of the students of the Muslim Anglo Indian Oriental (MAO) collage of Aligarh. It is students built the nation of Pakistan. It was the only Muslim collage worth the name in the India subcontinent that produced those students who built Pakistan.
The role of students in nation building has been exemplified by the Aligarh students. Till we got independence in 1947, the Muslims had no organized shape. Politically there were many other parties besides the Muslim league. Some of them even opposed the creation of Pakistan. Only the Muslim students of India were unanimous in creating Pakistan. They actually did all that the could in making a new Muslim country of their own appear on the map of the world. So we can say that if they had not played their role , the inception of Pakistan would definitely have delayed much longer than 1947. Thanks of their joint efforts.

We may recall that no political leaders could put an end to the dictatorial rules of Ayub khan and Z A Bhutto. It was the students who came forward to play  their role in nation building and their unflinching struggle succeeded in causing the renaissance of democracy of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that the later staunch dictators like Zia ul Haq have been banning the formation of students unions. What was it is results?

 We have entered the new millennium through the the start of the 21st century and democracy is not yet at our doors. This brings us to the conclusion (result) that as long as students unions are banned the entry of democracy in Pakistan will also remain banned in Pakistan. This is because no students wants to play any type of destructive role while, we have experienced multifarious ( various) shape of the subversive (destructive) political leaders, particularly in provoking (aggravating) sectarian clashes and thus bringing damage to the smooth running of our economy

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